Budkavlen at Rydal
Letters from the other weaving mill

It is April 2021. Finally they are off! Paper sheet, instructions in a following letter, gifts in forms of materials from Uddebo connected to textile production. Going out in the world, connecting people through the tactile and direct physical marks on paper being sent from one person to the next...

Some already arrived by participants in Uddebo, other letters have a longer way to travel, Sri Lanka is a week away... if it doesn't get stuck on the way...

Invited to Artists' Corner, Konstepidemin

"Initierat av Linnéa M.F. Larsson, konstnär, har sammankomsten/plattformen den temporära grupperingen Drömfabriken – det andra väveriet, nu efter två upplagor, 2019 och 2020 gett upp formatet och tänker om.

Utvärderingen är; det här projektet kommer inte att rädda världen från modesystemet, kolonialismen eller den kommersiella imperialismen. Det kommer inte heller att bidra till återupptagen textil produktion på den postindustriella landsbygdsorten. Men vad kan vi göra? Vad vill vi göra?"


Life in the rural village of Uddebo

In times of covid-19, the economy section of the national newspaper Dagens Nyheter made a visit and I welcomed them into my living room, now studio and study.

What did not get through is the fact of gentrification, also in the rural and that artists as well as many others depend on affordable rents. Something that is becoming rare.

Still grateful, for journalists coming all this way from Stockholm, and yes, the feeling is positive out here. We have the forest, the collective farming and alot of fantastic projects in this community (of course not everything is perfect, but that would be strange).


Participating at National Conference 2019 on sustainable Consumption, Swedish School of Textiles – University of Borås