Dreamfactory – the other weaving mill 2021

This year a chain of letters serves as our platform for dialogue. See the letters on the page Budkavlen. It is updated continously, as the letters are being made and sent in a zig-zag pattern over the globe.

Thank you to all the participants so far who make this budkavle with me! /Linnéa M. F. Larsson

Padmini Weerasuriya, Frida Hållander, Pia Mauno, Melissa Vandenberg, Hillevi Skoglund,

Gunilla Ander, Ayomi Wickremasekara, Marie Hållander, Alke Schmidt, Åke Sjöberg,

Christina Shearer, Berith Stennabb, Christin Wahlström Eriksson, Jonathan Pino Kjällquist,

Anton Marcus, Camilla Larsson, Hanna Larsson, Runa Juhanisdotter,

Lina Loca Gustafsson, Stina Östberg, Linnea Rosenqvist

The budkavle is exhibited "in process", as part of GIBCA Extended (the regional extension of Gothenburg International Biennale of Contemporary Art).

Rydals Museum, 9/9-12/12 2021 (the sculpture Budkavlen/The Bidding Stick, fetch your own copy of the publication).

On a bicycling road in Uddebo, 9/9-21/11 (Between the former textile factories, and new community associations and businesses the publication is exhibited outdoors. The public can use the QR-code that is linked to Budkavlen and access the letters on site).

With generous support from

Borås Region Kommunalförbundet Sjuhärad

Västra Götaland Region

Tore G Wärenstams stiftelse

Tranemo municipalicy

The budkavle hanging in the spinning hall of Rydal Museum 9/9-12/12 2021. It contains letters made by participants of the budkavle chain that is currently being passed on over regions and continents. The letters have been copied by hand by the organiser.

The publication is hanging on a bicycle road passing the old textile factory buildings in Uddebo. The publication contains a QR code and web address to access the letters of the budkavle (bidding stick).

Instructions for the participants of the letter making chain. The idea is to make the letter during 1 hour, as a response to the letter one has received from the person before in the chain. Each person has been given a sheet of sewing pattern making paper (40x50 cm).

Gifts to the participants. Local materials from Uddebo relating to textile production.