Drömfabriken – det andra väveriet 2019

Sjuhärad is the area that has been the textile region of Sweden since the earlier stages of the industrial revolution. Most of the industries have left the region. The weaving mill in Uddebo, Väveriet i Uddebo AB, was bought by an investor who lowered the quality; which led to its closing in 2012.

The regional development has meant a resource shift to and concentration in the city and The Swedish School of Textiles, at University of Borås, which focuses on design, technological innovation and smart textiles.

This gathering wants to raise other perspectives on development within textile production.

It makes visible research and methods of artistic processes, writing processes and handicraft processes that touch upon social, political as well as craft aspects. The aim is to share perspectives and stories that could help us think about a more inclusive, kinder reality for textile labor and production.

This is a collective space of experimentation where we share knowledge and ideas. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join!

Main partner: Future Utopia Community Key, non-profit organisation

Generously supported by: Västra Götalandsregionen, Tranemo Kommun, Tore G Wärenstams stiftelse, Studiefrämjandet Sjuhärad

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